Testing & Verification Resources

The NFRC utilizes the following independent resources to certify your products.
Inspection Agencies
NFRC Licensed Independent Certification and Inspection Agencies (IAs) are responsible for reviewing the simulation and test reports for fenestration manufacturers, conducting in-plant inspections, and issuing Certificate of Authorization (CAs). Last Update: 08/01/2018 NFRC Licensed Inspection Agencies (IAs)
NFRC Licensed Inspection Agencies (IA) Licensed to Provide Review per NFRC 700 (PCP) Licensed to Provide Review per NFRC 705 (CMA-PCP)
Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) / Administrative Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) X X
National Accreditation & Management Institute (NAMI) X X
Keystone Certifications, Inc. X X
American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) / Associated Laboratories (ALI) X X
NFRC-licensed Independent Certification and Inspection Agencies

NFRC-licensed Independent Certification and Inspection Agencies

Last updated:  August 1, 2018

Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA)
330 North Wabash Avenue, Suite 2200
Telephone: (312) 673-4828
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Primary Contact: John McFee

Contractor: Administrative Management Systems, Inc. (AMS)
205 W. Main St., Sackets Harbor, NY 13685
Telephone: (315) 646-2234
Direct: (715) 498-0367
Primary Contact: Lucas Wenzel

National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI)
4794 George Washington Memorial Highway
Hayes, VA 23072
Telephone: (804) 684-5124
Facsimile: (804) 684-5122
Primary Contact: Sharon Durand

Keystone Certifications, Inc.
145 Limekiln Road, Suite 100B
New Cumberland, PA 17070
Telephone: (717) 932-8500
Facsimile: (717) 932-8501
Primary Contact: Jon Hill

American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 
1827 Walden Office Square, Suite 550
Schaumburg, IL 60173-4268
Telephone: (847) 303-5664
Facsimile: (847) 303-5774
Primary Contact: Jason Seals

Contractor: Associated Laboratories, Inc. (ALI) 
P.O. Box 152837, Dallas, Texas 75315
Telephone: (214) 565-0593 or 1-800-522-0040
Facsimile: (214) 565-1094
Primary Contacts: John Vaughan, Brad Snoddy

Testing Laboratories

NFRC 701 Accredited Testing Laboratories conduct physical tests (U-factor, Air Leakage, SHGC, and VT) on window, door, skylight, TDD, and glazed wall systems in accordance with NFRC standards.

See the table below for the NFRC test methods each laboratory is accredited to perform.

Accredited Testing Laboratories NFRC 102/FVT NFRC 102 (TDD) NFRC 201 NFRC 400 NFRC 202 (Translucent Panel VT) NFRC 203 (TDD VT)
UL Laboratory Canada inc. X X
Quast Consulting & Testing X X
QAI Laboratories DBA Fenestration Testing Laboratory X X
National Certification Testing Laboratory X X
Intertek (PA) X X X
Intertek (CA) X X X X X
Intertek (MN) X X
Intertek (WA) X X
Element Materials Technology X

UL Laboratory Canada inc.
1320 Boul. Lionel-Boulet
Varennes, Quebec J3X 1P7
Telephone: 855/353-2532

Contact: Dominic Blackburn, Marilyne Thibault, Jean Miller

Quast Consulting and Testing, Inc.
1055 Indianhead Drive
Mosinee, Wisconsin 54455
Telephone: 715/693-8378
Facsimile: 715/693-0689
Contact: Jeff Zibton

QAI Laboratories DBA Fenestration Testing Laboratory
8148 NW 74th Avenue
Medley, Florida 33166
Telephone: 305/885-3328
Facsimile: 305/885-3329
Contact: Jose Sanchez

National Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc.
5 Leigh Drive
York, Pennsylvania 17406
Telephone: 717/846-1200
Facsimile: 717/767-4100
Contact:  John Gordon

3310 Hill Avenue
Everett, Washington 98201
Telephone: 425/259-6799
Facsimile: 425/259-4936
Contact: Amy Becker

Element Materials Technology
662 Cromwell Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55114
Telephone: 651/659-7353
Facsimile: 651/659-7348
Contact:  Shaun Montgomery

Intertek (PA)
130 Derry Court
York, Pennsylvania 17406
Telephone: 717/764-7700
Facsimile: 717/764-4129
Contact: Shon Einsig, Tim McGill

Intertek (CA)
2524 East Jensen Avenue
Fresno, California 93706
Telephone: 559/233-8705
Facsimile: 559/233-8360
Contact: Kenny White, Tyler Westering

Intertek (MN)
40 51st Way NE, Suite 100
Fridley, Minnesota 55421
Telephone: 651/636-3835
Facsimile: 651/636-3843
Contact: Daniel Johnson

Intertek (WA)
22155 68th Avenue South
Kent, WA 98032
Phone: 253/395-5656
Facsimile: 253/395-5657
Contact: Brian Rasmussen

*Last Updated: 02/04/2019

NFRC Certified Simulators List
Last updated: 01/04/2021 Jump to:

NFRC Staff

NFRC staff members that have maintained their NFRC-certified status through design/evaluation/reporting of annual ILC’s, conductance of annual certified simulator workshops, and annual auditing of all NFRC accredited simulation laboratories.
Mike Thoman NFRC Program Director
Dennis Anderson NFRC Program Manager
Kevin Louder NFRC Program Manager

Laboratory Simulators

Only NFRC-accredited laboratories are authorized to conduct simulations that are rendered to NFRC Licensed Inspection Agencies for product certification and labeling.
Chris Thuss‡ WSP Canada Group Limited
Christian Hernandez*‡ WSP Canada Group Limited
Zelijka Lazarevic*‡ WSP Canada Group Limited
Jeff Baker*‡ WESTLab-Canada
Jackie Campbell*‡ WESTLab-Canada
Margaret Koszela*‡ WESTLab-Canada
Ross DePaola*‡ WESTLab-USA
Steve Coble*‡ WESTLab-USA
Staci Zastrow*‡ WESTLab-USA
Lanny Dana‡ WESTLab-USA
Marie-Michele Cote‡ WESTLab-USA
Jean-Michel Dussault*‡ Veridis Solutions
Zach Mundorff*‡‡ Veridis Solutions
Haya Soghrati‡ UL Laboratory Canada Inc.
Melanie Comtois*‡ UL Laboratory Canada Inc.
Sunny Ling‡ UL Laboratory Canada Inc.
Ian Franklin‡ UL Laboratory Canada Inc.
Sandrine Benjamin-Auger*‡ UL, LLC.
Lucas Turner*‡ Turner Engineering & Consulting, Inc.
Brian Sasman*‡ Quast Consulting & Testing, WI
Stephanie Skoglund*‡ Quast Consulting & Testing, WI
Tasha Grabowski*‡ Quast Consulting & Testing, WI
Jeff Zibton*‡ Quast Consulting & Testing, WI
Sherri Wendt*‡ Quast Consulting & Testing, WI
Jose Sanchez*‡ QAI Laboratories DBA Fenestration Testing Laboratories
Monika Sanchez‡ QAI Laboratories DBA Fenestration Testing Laboratories
Mark Bennett*‡ National Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc. PA
Skyler Darrah‡ National Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc. PA
John Gordon*‡ National Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc. PA
Kevin Tracy‡ National Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc. PA
Bryce Peters‡ National Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc. PA
Chris Pondolfino*‡ National Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc. WA
Joseph Descheemaeker*‡ Molimo, LLC
Dale White*‡ Intertek, PA
Eric Leitner*‡ Intertek, PA
Valerie Fernandes‡ Intertek, PA
Andrew Walczak*‡ Intertek, MN
David Everitt*‡ Intertek, CA
Kenny White*‡ Intertek, CA
Anis Jan*‡ Fenestration Simulation Engineering, CA
Scott Hallam*‡ Element Materials Technology – Canada
Jordan Church*‡‡ Element Materials Technology
Elie Alkhoury*‡ CAN-BEST Testing Laboratories, Canada
Andrea Turcato*‡ Blackwater Testing srl
Dave Luxmore*‡ B.E.E. Consulting, LLC
Nancy Somera*‡ ALT, Philippines
‡CMA Approved Simulator. NOTE: This does not denote this simulator is an approved ACE.

Individual Simulators

The simulators listed below are not affiliated with an NFRC 701 accredited laboratory. They have attended a WINDOW/THERM training workshop and successfully passed an extensive exam. A certificate was issued stating their status as an NFRC Certified Simulator. NOTE: Only NFRC 701 accredited simulation laboratories can issue test reports for NFRC product certification. A Certified Simulator is not automatically granted ACE Approval, which can only be achieved by attending an ACE training class and successfully fulfilling all testing and application procedures. Approved ACEs may be found under “NFRC Licensed Approved Calculation Entity (ACE) Organizations.
Firas Putros ARCHEO Design Studio Inc.
Matteo Cipollini AZA SPA
Ren Bai BC Housing
Michael Van Zee Blackwater Testing Lab
Robert Hale CDC, Inc.
Mohamadou Diallo CSA
Kevin Wheat Curtainwall Design Consulting
Peter Hutley Curtainwall Design Consulting
Ashley Reed DeSimone Consulting Engineers
Karine Charlebois Eckersley O’Callaghan
Mohammed Dawoud Ennova Facade Inc.
Taylor Hogan Façade Concepts, Inc.
Andy Green Green Lean Consulting
Matthew Spahr Heintges & Associates
Igor Vranjes JRS Engineering Ltd.
Dan Ichim LabTest Certification
Kelvin Veloso Larson Engineering
Emily Moore Larson Engineering
Ivan Chu Layton Consulting Ltd.
Mahmoud Jafari Layton Consulting Ltd.
Edward Lau Layton Consulting Ltd.
Jonathan Layton Layton Consulting Ltd.
Ruslan Davletaliev Layton Consulting Ltd.
Taylor Wight Layton Consulting Ltd.
Andrew Riley Linel Signature
Brandon Boris Luoma Design Solutions
Mahabir Bhandari Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Tim Efaw PRI- Construction Materials Technology
Alex Pankov QAI Laboratories Ltd.
Neil Dumont QAI Laboratories Ltd.
Sarah Flock Raths, Raths, & Johnson
Daniel Haaland RDH Building Sciences
Allan Ang Renyi Pty Ltd.
Tonya Free Rice Engineering Inc.
Jillian Burgess RWDI, USA LLC
Crystal Harpell Salient Engineering Inc.
Danellis Hernandez Self-employed
Dayri Blanco Self-employed
Edlyn Garcia La Torre Self-employed
Karandeep Alhuwalia Self-employed
Marles McDonald Self-employed
Thomas Hutley Self-employed
Gary Brown SGB Services, LTD
Zain Anjum Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.
William Jansen Stutzki Engineering
Mark Chiu Thornton Tomasetti
John Anderson Triteq, Inc.
Jodi Knorowski WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Bipin Shah WinBuild, Inc.
Dana Landis Wiss Janney Elstner
Andi Mele Wiss Janney Elstner
Elizabeth Pugh Wiss Janney Elstner

Simulators with a Manufacturer

Armando Galguera Alpha Cladding LLC.
Srijana Sigdel Alumicor
Timothy Leung Antamex Industries ULC
Anastasia Flanegin Apogee Enterprises, Inc.
Katy Fefolt Bonelli Doors + Windows
James Larmer BVDA Façade Engineering Ltd.
Paula Cong BVDA Façade Engineering Ltd.
Angelica Maria Fernandez Rubio C.I. Energia Solar ES Windows
Jim Payne Chelsea Building Products
Josue Cavazos EFCO Corp
Mason Fritz EFCO Corp
Gordon Case Energi Fenestration Solutions
Liviu Leuce Energi Fenestration Solutions
Yang Lin Ferguson-Neudorf Glass, Inc.
Kai Zhu Ferguson-Neudorf Glass, Inc.
Clinton D’Souza Flynn Canada
Che Wei Gamma Windows and Walls International
Mia Bradu Gamma Windows and Walls International
Ruoshi Zhang Gamma Windows and Walls International
Derek Elder GED Integrated Solutions
John Little Harmon, Inc.
Cristina Franceschini Hydro Building Systems Italy SpA
Kyle Bolen Ipswich Bay Glass
Megan LeBlanc Ipswich Bay Glass
Hannah Denton Island Exterior Fabricators
Noelle Kent M Cohen and Sons
Jan Curha Mon-Ray Windows
Ryan Markgraf Novum Structures LLC
Soeren Stephan Novum Structures LLC
Ben West Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope
Dylan Stewart Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope
Jamie Reyes Permasteelisa North America Corp.
Lucas Treder Permasteelisa North America Corp.
Kaustav Neogi Permasteelisa North America Corp.
Erin Koss PGT Industries
Jay Kim Skyline Windows
Art Fabian Starline Architectural Windows
Kurt Leano Starline Architectural Windows
Remo Schulz Starline Architectural Windows
Amber Mengede Starline Architectural Windows
Kristal De Oliveria State Window Corporation
Stephen Aki Technoform Bautec North America
Bart Hensley Technoform Bautec North America
Gabe Louthan Technoform Bautec North America
Carlos Ibacache Toro Aluminum
Ritchie Sham Toro Aluminum
Paolo Pioquinto Toro Aluminum
LiHong Zhao Toro Glasswall
Ernesto Nicolas Trulite Glass and Aluminum Solutions
Bryon Rattmann Wausau Window & Wall Systems
Jacob Blackburn Western Windows
Zach Emmerson Windsor Windows & Doors
IG Certification
NFRC’s Participating Insulating Glass Certification Program Directory (the “IGC Directory”) lists third party insulating glass (“IG”) certification programs (the “IGC Programs”) that have represented in writing to NFRC that they meet requirements designated by NFRC for the operation of an independent program for the certification of performance attributes of insulated glass products. Those requirements, approved by NFRC in November 2008 and implemented in January, are set forth in the NFRC 706-2009: Requirements for Participating Insulating Glass Certification Programs. Insulating glass units used in NFRC certified and labeled products must be certified by a third party IG certification program listed in this directory prior to those products obtaining NFRC certification authorization. The NFRC 706-2010 provides details for Certification Programs interested in being listed in the IGC Directory. This requirement shall become mandatory for all Product Certification Program participants in July 2010. Notice to Consumers and Other Interested Stakeholders Regarding IG Certification NFRC recently implemented a new requirement (NFRC 706) under its Product Certification Program requiring insulating glass units (IGUs) used in NFRC certified and labeled products to be certified as meeting certain performance requirements by an independent IG certification program (“IGC Program(s)”) listed by NFRC. This requirement went into effect on July 1, 2010. Some NFRC participants have requested extensions of time to comply with specific NFRC program requirements for reasons identified by those participants. Under strict guidance following NFRC policy, some requests have been granted allowing those program participants to extend the period of time to comply with the IG certification requirement under NFRC 706. Those extensions expire no later than July 1, 2011. Therefore, currently there are products listed in the NFRC Certified Products Directory that have been granted compliance extensions that have not yet received the independent IG certification mandated under NFRC 706. If you have a question as to whether an NFRC certified and labeled product currently complies with this IG certification requirement, please contact the manufacturer of that product. Information on IG Certification Please view NFRC’s fact sheet regarding IG certification. Questions about the NFRC IG Certification Program: IG Certification Extension Request Please visit NFRC’s Extension / Exemption Request web page. 2010 Documents Note: Errata or addendum will be noted in the footer of each document. e.g. [E1A0] would mean that there is one errata published to the original document.
  • The NFRC IG certification Program document NFRC 706-2010_E0A0) can be found here.
NFRC IGC Directory
IG Certification Program Sponsor Program Contact Phone Number
Associated Labs, Inc. ALI Brad Schultz 214-565-0593
Insulating Glass Certification Council IGCC / IGMA John Kent 315-646-2234
Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance IGMAC Margaret Webb 613-233-1510
Keystone Certifications, Inc. KCI Jon Hill 717-932-8500
National Accreditation & Management Institute, Inc. NAMI Sharon Durand 804-684-5124
NFRC-Recognized Air Leakage Laboratories

Last Updated 6/04/2020


The laboratories listed on this page have been recognized by the NFRC to conduct air leakage testing per ASTM E283 and/or NAFS. This recognition process was conducted per NFRC 701.11, and a copy of this document can be found under “Resources/Program Documents.” Program Documents Page


Laboratories that are NFRC 701 accredited to NFRC 400 do not need to go through the recognition process, and you can find those laboratories above under “Testing Laboratories”.


Construction Consulting Laboratory International
1601 Luna Road
Carrollton, TX 75006
Phone: 214-242-0556
Fax: 972-245-6047
Contact: Bryan Stevens


Element Material Technology
3922 Delaware Avenue
Des Moines, IA  50313
Phone: 515-266-5101
Contact: Brian Escherich


145 Sherwood Ave
Farmingdale, NY 11753
Phone: 800-354-6680
Fax: 631-815-1901
Contact: Frank Pennisi


8431 Murphy Drive
Middleton, WI 53562
Phone: 608-836-4400
Contact: Brian Brunson


1909 10th Street, Suite 100
Plano, TX  75074
Phone: 469-814-0687
Fax: 717-764-4129
Contact: John Waskow


1140 Lincoln Avenue
Springdale, PA  15144
Phone: 724-275-7100
Fax: 717-764-4129
Contact: Joseph Allison


1500 Brigantine Drive
Coquitlam, BC  V3K 7C1
Phone: 604-520-3321
Fax: 604-524-9186
Contact: Baldeep Sandhu


1410 Eden Road
York, PA  17402
Phone: 717-916-6300
Fax: 717-318-5788
Contact: Lance Cunningham


QAI Laboratories
25 Royal Group Crescent, Unit #3
Vaughan, ON L4H 1X9
Phone: 905-605-5444
Contact: David Wren, Robert Giona


Testing Evaluation Laboratories, Inc.
2002 Wood Court, Suite 1
Plant City, FL  33563
Phone: 813-754-9887
Contact: Rick Wright


Simulation Laboratories

Last Updated: 01/04/2021

NFRC 701 accredited simulation laboratories utilize approved software to determine the energy performance ratings for windows, doors, skylights, and glazed wall systems in accordance with NFRC standards.

As of July 16, 2012, NFRC 701 accredited simulation laboratories are required to conduct an exercise to prove their ability to calculate the rating values for Entry Door Systems. See table for laboratories NFRC approved to conduct simulations of Entry Doors.

As of February 3, 2014, NFRC 701 accredited simulation laboratories are required to pass an exam to simulate complex glazings regarding between-glass venetian blinds and frits. See table for the laboratories NFRC approved to conduct these simulations for certification.

As of April 24, 2015, NFRC 701 accredited simulation laboratories are required to pass an exam to simulate complex glazings regarding interior and exterior shading systems integral to a whole fenestration product.  See table for the laboratories that are NFRC-approved to conduct these simulations for product certification.


Accredited Simulation Laboratories WINDOW and THERM 6.3 / 7.4 CMA ASL Approved for Entry Door Simulations Approved for All Shading Systems
WSP Canada Group Limited  X  X  X  X
WESTLab-Canada X X X X
Veridis Solutions X X X X
UL Laboratory Canada inc. X X X X
Turner Engineering & Consulting X X X X
Quast Consulting & Testing X X X X
National Certification Testing Laboratory X X X X
Molimo, LLC X X X
Intertek (PA) X X X X
Intertek (MN) X X X X
Intertek (CA) X X X
QAI Laboratories DBA Fenestration Testing Laboratory X X X X
Fenestration Simulation Engineering X X X
Element Materials Technology – Canada X X X
Element Materials Technology X X X X
CAN-BEST Testing Laboratories X X X X
Blackwater Testing srl X X X
BEE Consulting, LLC X X X
ALT (Philippines) X X X
CMA ASL = CMA Accredited Simulation Laboratory. This does not mean the laboratory is approved to provide ACE services. See “Listing of ACEs and ACE Organizations”


WSP Canada Group Limited
582 Lancaster Street West
Kitchener, Ontario N2K 1M3 Canada
Telephone: 519/904-1808
Certified Simulators: Zeljka Lazarevic, Christian Hernandez


1721 Arroyo Drive
Auburn, CA 95603
Telephone: 530/885-9891
Certified Simulators: Ross DePaola, Steve Coble, Staci Zastrow, Marie-Michele Cote, Lanny Dana


4 Beck Blvd
Unit 7
Penetanguishene,  Ontario  L9M 2H3
Business: 613/903-9798
Certified Simulators: Jeff Baker, Jackie Campbell, Margaret Koszela


Veridis Solutions
Complexe Jules-Dallaire-Tour Norton Rose-T1
2828 Boulevard Laurier
Quebec City, Quebec G1V 0B9
Telephone: 418/263-4777
Fax: 418/263-4701
Certified Simulators: Jean-Michel Dussault, Zach Mundorff


UL Laboratory Canada inc.
1320 Lionel-Boulet Boulevard
Varennes, Quebec J3X 1P7
Telephone: 855-353-2532
Certified Simulators: Ian Franklin, Melanie Comtois, Haya Soghrati, Sunny Ling


750 Anthony Trail
Northbrook, IL  60062
Telephone: 847/664-1166
Certified Simulators: Sandrine Benjamin-Auger


Turner Engineering & Consulting, Inc.
FBPE Certificate of Authorization #29779
2428 Old Natchez Trc. Trl.
Camden, TN 38320
Telephone: 941/380-1574
Fax: 941/584-8591
Certified Simulator: Lucas Turner


Quast Consulting & Testing
1055 Indianhead Drive
Mosinee, WI 54455
Telephone: 715/693-8378
Fax: 715/693-0689
Certified Simulators: Brian Sasman, Stephanie Skoglund. Tasha Grabowski, Jeff Zibton, Sherri Wendt

QAI Laboratories DBA Fenestration Testing Laboratory, Inc.
8148 NW 74th Avenue
Medley, FL 33166
Telephone: 305/885-3328
Fax: 305/885-3329
Certified Simulators: Jose Sanchez, Monika Sanchez


National Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc.
5 Leigh Drive
York, PA 17406
Telephone: 717/846-1200
Fax: 717/767-4100
Certified Simulators: Mark Bennett, Skyler Darrah, John Gordon, Kevin Tracy


3310 Hill Avenue
Everett, WA 98201
Telephone: 425/259-6799
Fax: 425/259-4936
Certified Simulators: Chris Pondolfino


Molimo, LLC
1410 Eden Road
York, PA 17402
Telephone: 717/916-6300
Fax: 717/318-5788
Certified Simulators: Joseph Descheemaeker


Intertek (PA)
130 Derry Court
York, PA 17406
Telephone: 717/764-7700
Fax: 717/764-4129
Certified Simulators: Dale White, Eric Leitner, Valerie Fernandes


Intertek (MN)
849 Western Avenue North
St. Paul, MN 55117
Telephone: 651/636-3835
Fax: 651/636-3843
Certified Simulators: Andrew Walczak


Intertek (CA)
2524 E. Jensen Ave.
Fresno, CA 93706
Telephone: 559/233-8705
Fax: 559/233-8360
Certified Simulator: Kenny White. Elizabeth Moser, David Everitt


Fenestration Simulation Engineering
14809 Harmony Lane
Westminster, CA 92683
Telephone: 714/839-8378
Fax: 714/839-8378
Certified Simulator: Anis Jan


Element Materials Technology – Canada
2395 Speakman Drive
Mississauga, Ontario L5K 1B3
Telephone: 905/822-4111
Fax: 905/823-1446
Certified Simulators: Scott Hallam


Element Materials Technology
662 Cromwell Ave.
St. Paul, MN  55114
Phone: 651/645-3601
Fax: 651/659-7348
Certified Simulator: Jordan Church


CAN-BEST Testing Laboratories
38 Regan Road, Unit 4
Brampton, Ontario
Telephone: 905/840-2014
Fax: 905/840-2847
Certified Simulator: Elie Alkhoury


Blackwater Testing srl
via Piroleri, 19
Altivole, TV 31030
Telephone: +39 0423 915774
Certified Simulator: Andrea Turcato


BEE Consulting, LLC
170 W. Dayton Street, Suite 206
Edmonds, WA 98020
Telephone: 425/672-3900
Certified Simulator: Dave Luxmore


12th Floor HHIC (Hanjin) Building, 1128 University Parkway,
North Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines 1634
Telephone: 632/86590381
Fax: 632/659-7249
Certified Simulator: Nancy Somera


ACEs and ACE Organization
ACE, or Approved Calculation Entities, refers to an individual or organization that is certified to carry out performance calculations of fenestration products and issue label certificates using the Component Modeling Approach Software Tool. View a full list of ACEs and ACE Organizations.
Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP)
Products that are labeled with the NFRC Temporary and Permanent Label, or products that are listed on an NFRC Label Certificate in accordance with NFRC requirements, are considered to be NFRC Certified. LAP icon It is through our independent, accredited simulation and testing laboratories that the fenestration manufacturers contract with to obtain their certification for rated values of U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visible Transmittance, Condensation Resistance, and Air Leakage. NFRC accredited laboratories undergo extensive auditing procedures to ensure confidence that the laboratories’ produce credible and accurate results and without bias. Simulation laboratories employ NFRC certified simulators that generate the computer simulated results for the fenestration manufacturers. Certified simulators, as part of the LAP, attend a four-day certification workshop and must pass examinations before they achieve the status of NFRC Certified Simulator. The NFRC conducts the rigorous certification workshop annually and we have many that attend every year, including simulators that are not affiliated with an NFRC accredited simulation laboratory. Those NFRC certified simulators not affiliated with an NFRC accredited laboratory are listed on our website and they must maintain their certification every year. Maintenance of the simulation certification requires participation in an annual Interlaboratory comparison and attendance to mandatory training workshops. Testing laboratories, those that physically test fenestration products, are an integral part of the fenestration product certification. The thermal transmittance (U-factor) laboratories are contracted by the fenestration manufacturer to validate their product line. Validation is achieved by comparing the physical U-factor test (NFRC 102) to the same simulated option. If they are in tolerance, the entire product line of simulated results are “validated.” When products cannot be simulated, the NFRC has accreditation procedures to for laboratories to physically test for solar heat gain via NFRC 201, visible transmittance via NFRC 202 and NFRC 203, and air leakage via NFRC 400. The Accreditation Policy Committee (APC) oversees NFRC’s Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP) and they grant final approval of accreditation of testing and simulation laboratories.